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Point in Time

I looked into Veeam's Point in time options and there were a couple of features that we are missing in Cirrus which would be really useful. (Please see the attached photo in this idea) (Following is from Veeam Point-in-time user guide) https://hel...
Guest 5 months ago in Restore 0 Planned

Automated Test Restores

A test restore to a folder in mailbox or OneDrive that will send a notification to recepient that restore has completed ( Will indicate that backups are running and restores are working properly without them having to log into Cirrus)
Guest 4 months ago in Restore 0 Planned

Highlight backup dates in restore calendar

When restoring, highlight the dates in the calendar when backups ran. Currently all dates are highlighted. Maybe only relevant for the first few backup jobs
Wayne Moore over 1 year ago in Restore 0 Planned

Search Filter: SharePoint and Teams

It would be very useful to have a search filter for both SharePoint and Teams. The feature is only available with Outlook and OneDrive.
Guest 6 months ago in Restore 0 Planned