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Sort Capabilities

Currently, multiple folders are listed randomly and there is no option to sort the contents. Definitely need the folders listed by some chosen order - alphabetically preferred. Super helpful if the contents could be sorted by a mouse-click on the ...
Charles Itson 7 months ago in User Interface 1 Planned

Accessibility for the visually impaired

Adding a feature which verbally dictates back to the end user as they move/naviagte around the site.
Guest 7 months ago in User Interface 0

Estimate Organisations Data Backup size

Prior to running the first organisational backup (of email, one drive, sharepoint etc.) it would be handy to get an assessment on the following; Number of users in the organisation volume of data in the M365 organisation volume of data by selected...
Guest over 1 year ago in Backup 3 Planned

OKTA integration

Would be useful for Cirrus to have OKTA integration for SSO.
Guest 7 months ago in User Administration 0

Automated Test Restores

A test restore to a folder in mailbox or OneDrive that will send a notification to recepient that restore has completed ( Will indicate that backups are running and restores are working properly without them having to log into Cirrus)
Guest 7 months ago in Restore 0 Planned

Selecting a particular user for restoration

Hi Cirrus Team, It would be handy to have a drop-down option (preferably top left or right of the screen) of all users in a list and select a particular user (keyword search) to explore in their Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint & Teams group (Us...
Guest 9 months ago in User Interface 0 Planned

Microsoft 365 Licence Type Selection

Hi Cirrus Team, I would like to filter my Cirrus licensed users by their M365 licence type. Meaning, it would be handy to see all of my M365 users and the type of license they have assigned ( E1, E3, Business Standard, A1, SharePoint only Plan) to...
Guest 9 months ago in Microsoft 0

Dark mode

Implementation of dark mode in Cirrus.Dark mode may work to decrease eye strain and dry eye for some people who spend a lot of time staring at screens.
G 9 months ago in User Interface 0

Search Filter: SharePoint and Teams

It would be very useful to have a search filter for both SharePoint and Teams. The feature is only available with Outlook and OneDrive.
Guest 9 months ago in Restore 0 Planned

Components list Sorting

Currently all restore components for Cirrus: OneDrive, OutLook, SharePoint and Teams provide a list that is in a random order. Would ideally like to sort this list out alphabetically at least
Guest 9 months ago in User Interface 0 Planned