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Additional invitation emails

I've had a conversation with sales in the US and it was mentioned if they were able to send out the original Cirrus invitation to more than a single email address, this could be a useful feature and allow for multiple people within the clients org...
Ash Smith 7 days ago in Sign-up 0

Exclude items from partial org jobs

Currently you are not able to exclude items from selected items jobs, only full org jobs. However as Cirrus automatically splits large orgs into two jobs, they fall under the selected items category. It would be good to be able to exclude items fr...
Tavish Mclean 7 days ago in Backup 0

Advanced options for SharePoint restore

Veeam Backup offers a lot of restore options for SharePoint, so it would be useful to have these available. For instance, the option to restore Changed items, Missing items, Replace or Merge with the latest version of a document.
Sam Thomas about 1 month ago in SharePoint 1 Planned

Restore SharePoint data to another location

Have an advanced option to choose the restore destination (instead of just the orginal or download). For instance restore a folder to another library, restore a library to another site.
Sam Thomas about 1 month ago in SharePoint 0

Restore e-mails to PST file

If restoring multiple e-mails or folders, it would be useful to be able to download the data in a PST file, rather than a ZIP. Then it could be imported into another mailbox easily.
Sam Thomas about 1 month ago in Restore 1 Planned

Referral from existing customers to new customers

I would like existing customers through the dashboard to be able to enter an email address and refer customers. with simple verification we would give the referee one months free cirrus for referring a new customer that signs
Guest about 2 months ago in User Interface 0 Planned

Microsoft Teams Private Chats

Currently Cirrus backs up Microsoft Teams private chats in Outlook backups under TeamsMessagesData folder. However, the chats are not filter and are just dumped one after another as the messages were sent. is it possible to sort them in folders, w...
Guest about 2 months ago in Teams 0 Planned

Estimate Organisations Data Backup size

Prior to running the first organisational backup (of email, one drive, sharepoint etc.) it would be handy to get an assessment on the following; Number of users in the organisation volume of data in the M365 organisation volume of data by selected...
Guest 11 months ago in Backup 3 Planned

More/customisable widgets on landing page

More widgets and or the ability to customise widgets that show a better breakdown of how much data is stored for each section (Email/Teams etc). So if a org was nearing their limit they would be able to see that it is their Teams backup that is us...
Guest 11 months ago in Organisation Administration 0 Planned

Highlight backup dates in restore calendar

When restoring, highlight the dates in the calendar when backups ran. Currently all dates are highlighted. Maybe only relevant for the first few backup jobs
Wayne Moore 10 months ago in Restore 0 Planned